Feed2016: 5th International Feed Conference: Present and Future Challenges


It is our pleasure to invite you to the 5th International Feed Conference, jointly organised on 19-20 October 2016 by the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission (JRC-IRMM), the Walloon Agricultural Research Centre (CRA-W) and the RIKILT Wageningen UR (Institute of Food Safety). In the previous editions, due to e.g. the BSE and dioxin crises and other feed related incidents, the focus was on the crucial role of feed safety to ensure food safety. In the past decades regulations have been significantly enforced. Additionally, increased activities in the feed sector to safeguard feed safety, establishment of risk assessment systems and international cooperation were established to improve detection capabilities.
Today, the focus slightly changed from feed safety to feed security and other challenges, ranging from traceability to new feed materials. The conference therefore intends to bring together colleagues from different horizons, such as research organisations, industry academia and public organisation, reflecting the diversity of feed challenges, to discuss the current and future challenges related to feed.

This conference is part of the series of the previous International Feed Safety conferences organized in:
◦Namur, Belgium (2004)
◦Namur, Belgium (2007)
◦Wageningen, The Netherlands (2009)
◦Beijing, China (2012)

The organizers hope to welcome you in October 2016 and look forward to a great conference at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre (JRC) in Geel, Belgium.

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